A team and equipment to meet all your needs

Moules et Outillages de Bourgogne was created in January 2004.

From the beginning, the company has relied on a skilled team of 13 technicians, each having a wealth of experience in the highly specific sector of lost wax casting.

From day one, this experience, together with committed investment in our human resources, equipment and IT system, has enabled Moules et Outillages de Bougogne to be amongst the leaders in their field.

Our production capabilities were progressively consolidated moules-outillages-histoire
(see our capabilities) and a team of more than 20 people today ensures our production.

Since it's creation Moules et Outillages de Bourgogne has worked in France and Europe. Over the years, we have developed our international client portfolio.

We are now present in the Middle Est, Brazil, Turkey and the United States.